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Nail Buffing: It’s Time To Shine

Nail buffing is a simple yet effective technique to rid your nails of ridges, jagged edges, and to promote blood circulation to the nail bed, leaving you with shiny, healthy nails. Whether you’re using chamois buffers or graduated buffer files, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve the perfect buff:

Chamois Buffers:
Traditionally, chamois buffers are used with a slightly abrasive paste polish, primarily on natural nails. When buffing, always move from the matrix towards the nail tip to prevent paste from getting pushed into the cuticle. Remember to lift the buffer after each stroke to prevent heat buildup, which can damage the nail surface.

Graduated Buffer Files:
Buffer files come in various materials and are designed to achieve a high-gloss shine and a smooth nail surface. Use a soft to medium grit emery board for smoothing or removing stains, avoiding coarser grades that can file away the natural nail. When smoothing artificial nails, use glues and buffer files to seal the join between the artificial and natural nail plate.

Buffing Natural Nails:
For natural nails, use a buffer instead of a low-grit file. Buff in one direction using light movements, from the top to the bottom of the nail, and then diagonally to ensure the entire nail plate is shiny. Limit buffing to around 10 to 12 times per session to prevent excessive heat buildup.

Buffing Overlay to Repair Broken Nails:
Broken nails can be repaired with an overlay technique. Whether using a tip and overlay, or a sculptured extension, keep the overlay thin and natural-looking to avoid excessive weight on the natural nail. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent cracking and breaking along stress lines.

Buffing Nail Enhancements:
Choose files and abrasives based on the nail system being used. Aim to create nails with minimal filing, focusing on refining the shape and thickness of the nail. Use rounded motions to work with the natural curves of the nail, ensuring the nail is thickest at the apex.

Nail buffing is a simple yet essential part of nail care that can leave your nails looking shiny and healthy. Whether you’re buffing natural nails or enhancing artificial ones, following these tips will help you achieve the perfect buff every time. Treat your nails with care and enjoy the benefits of beautiful, well-maintained nails.


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