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3 Top Nail Trends to Try Right Now

Are you tired of the same old manicure? Want to switch things up and try something new? Look no further! Here are the top 3 nail trends to try right now.

Trend 1: Textured nails. Add some texture to your nails with fabrics such as velvet or lace, or try a more natural look with a sand or stone finish. These textured nails will have all eyes on your hands.

Trend 2: Bold Colors. Bright, bold colors are all the rage this season. From neon greens to electric blues, these shades are sure to make a statement.

Trend 3: Nail Art. From delicate flowers to bold geometric patterns, nail art is a great way to add some personality to your nails. Whether you want to go for a subtle look or make a bold statement, there’s a design out there for you.

These trends are all about expressing yourself and having fun with your nails. So go ahead and try something new, you might be surprised how much you love it.

Don’t wait any longer, book your appointment and get ready to show off your new trendy nails!


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