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Mastering The Apex: How To Build A Strong Nail Extension

Creating a strong apex when constructing a nail extension is essential for durability and strength. The apex is the highest point of the nail, providing the necessary structure to prevent breakage and ensure your extensions last. To begin, start with clean, well-prepped nails. Trim and shape them to your desired length and apply a nail dehydrator and primer to ensure proper adhesion of the extension product. Next, apply a thin layer of your chosen extension product, whether it’s acrylic, gel, or poly gel. Ensure the product is evenly spread across the nail, leaving the free edge slightly thicker to support the apex.

Using a small bead of product, place it slightly behind the center of the nail, not too close to the cuticle. The bead should be slightly larger than a small ball to allow for easy manipulation. Use a brush to mold the product, creating a slight curve that peaks in the middle, forming the apex. This curve should be higher at the stress point, typically around the area where the nail bends. Work the product towards the edges, ensuring it’s not too thick at the free edge. The apex should be well-defined but smooth, creating a balanced curve that mimics the natural arch of the nail. Use a fine brush to refine the shape and remove any excess product.

Once the apex is shaped, cure the product under a UV or LED lamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After curing, file and buff the nail to perfection, ensuring the apex is well-integrated and the surface is smooth. Finally, apply a top coat to seal and add shine. By mastering the technique of building a strong apex, you ensure that your nail extensions are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll achieve the perfect apex every time!


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