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Keeping Your Acrylic Nails Looking Fresh: A Simple Maintenance Guide

Maintaining acrylic nails requires regular attention and care to keep them looking their best. Typically, fill-ins are necessary every two weeks to maintain the integrity of the nails. Start by removing any nail polish with acetone-free remover and carefully inspect each nail for signs of lifting, cracks, chips, infections, or damage to the cuticle and surrounding areas. Neaten the cuticles by pushing them back and removing any lifted acrylic using acrylic nippers, taking care to wear protective eye wear. Then, scrub and sanitize the nails thoroughly before filing them down to the desired length, straightening sidewalls, and buffing the regrowth area to remove shine.

After preparing the nails, remove any dust and apply a dehydrator to cleanse the regrowth area. If redefining the French manicure smile line, apply a small bead of white product to the free edge and redefine the smile line. Apply acrylic carefully, ensuring to press it toward the sidewalls and cuticle area to prevent lifting. Shape and finish the nails by filing and buffing them to achieve the desired shape and smoothness.

Finally, wash your hands to remove excess oil and apply polish if desired. To rebalance the nails, remove excess acrylic from the apex that has grown forward and replace it in the correct position, filling in the regrowth area and ensuring the smile line is in the proper place.

Following these steps will help maintain your acrylic nails and keep them looking fresh for weeks to come.


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