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Nail Polish Application Techniques

1. Full Coverage: Apply nail polish across the entire nail plate for a classic and uniform look.

2. Free Edge: Leave the free edge of the nail unpolished to prevent chipping and extend the longevity of your manicure.

3. Hairline Tip: Polish the entire nail plate and remove a millimeter of polish from the free edge to prevent chipping while maintaining a clean finish.

4. Slim-Line or Free Walls: Create a slim and sleek appearance by leaving a small margin on each side of the nail plate unpainted.

5. Half-Moon: Leave the lunula at the base of the nail unpolished to create the illusion of shorter nails while adding a subtle design element.

Maintaining Healthy Nails:

– Protect your nails by wearing gloves during household chores and gardening to prevent damage and preserve moisture.
– Apply sunscreen to your hands, especially when driving, to prevent age spots and sun damage.
– Moisturize your hands regularly by applying hand cream after washing your hands. Keep a dispenser of hand lotion at every sink in your home for convenience.
– Treat dry hands by massaging them with treatment cream or warm oil before bedtime. Wear cotton gloves overnight to enhance absorption and protect your linens.
– Preserve your manicure by applying a clear top coat every other day to extend the life of your nail polish, add strength, and prevent chipping.
– Strengthen weak nails by applying a nail hardener once or twice a week for added protection and a glossy finish.
– Avoid scraping or peeling off nail polish, as this can damage the nail surface. Instead, use gentle removal methods.
– When trimming nails, avoid clipping them too short, as this can cause bending or splitting. Opt for filing with an emery board instead, holding it at a 45° angle to prevent peeling.


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