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Now Trending: Bejeweled Pedicures

In the world of nail art, trends come and go, but some are so dazzling they leave a lasting impression. The latest craze making waves in salons and social media is the bejeweled pedicure. This luxurious and eye-catching trend takes your regular pedicure to a whole new level by adorning your toes with sparkling jewels and gems. Here’s why bejeweled pedicures are the must-have look of the season and how you can achieve this glamorous style.

1. What is a Bejeweled Pedicure?
A bejeweled pedicure involves embellishing your toenails with a variety of jewels, rhinestones, and crystals. These tiny decorations are meticulously placed to create intricate designs or a simple, elegant sparkle. The look can range from subtle accents to full-on glam, depending on your personal style.

2. Why It’s Trending
The bejeweled pedicure trend has taken off for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a fantastic way to express creativity and individuality. With countless designs and color combinations available, each bejeweled pedicure is unique. Additionally, the trend is perfect for special occasions, vacations, or simply adding a touch of luxury to your everyday look. Social media influencers and celebrities have also embraced this trend, showcasing their stunning pedicures and inspiring others to try it.

3. How to Achieve a Bejeweled Pedicure

  • Preparation: Start with a clean, well-groomed base. Trim and shape your toenails, push back your cuticles, and remove any old polish.
  • Base Color: Apply a base coat and your chosen nail polish color. Light shades like pastels or nude tones work well as they allow the jewels to stand out.
  • Applying Jewels: Use a nail adhesive or a top coat to place the jewels on your nails. Tweezers or a dotting tool can help you position them precisely. You can opt for a single statement jewel, a cluster of smaller ones, or create elaborate patterns.
  • Seal the Design: Once your jewels are in place, apply a generous layer of top coat to secure them and add extra shine. Make sure to seal the edges to prevent the jewels from catching on anything.

4. Maintenance Tips
Bejeweled pedicures can last up to two weeks with proper care. Avoid soaking your feet in hot water for extended periods and be gentle when putting on socks and shoes. Touch up with a top coat every few days to keep the jewels secure and your pedicure looking fresh.

In conclusion, the bejeweled pedicure trend is a stunning way to elevate your nail game and add a touch of glamour to your toes. Whether you’re heading to a special event or just want to feel a bit more fabulous, this trend is sure to turn heads and make you feel like royalty. So, why not give it a try and let your feet sparkle like never before?


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